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 truSculpt®: Revolutionary Cutting-Edge Technology

Reduce 24% body fats
15 minutes
truSculpt reducing tummy fat

HOW DOES truSculpt® WORK?

  • Areas are identified by the patient and clinician in need of treatment, and an individualised plan is constructed

  • Small handpieces are arranged strategically to melt approx. 1/4 of the pinchable fat

  • After securing the handpieces appropriately, Mono-polar Radiofrequency is used to generate a deep heating that reaches the adipose (fat layer), inducing fat cell death (lipolysis) after reaching 42-44 degrees celsius

  • After 15 mins, of feeling like you have had a hot stone massage, the hand prices are removed and the patient is able to continue with normal everyday activity

  • The body's immune system mops up the cells that are no longer viable, and results can be observed at 8-12 weeks

truSculpt reducing tummy fat

truSculpt® BENEFITS

✔ It is safe

✔ Clinically Proven Effective

✔ No Downtime

✔ No Needles

✔ No Surgery

✔ Individualisation

✔ Patient Controlled


What Can You Expect?

✔ Typically for truSculpt®, only one treatment is needed

✔ Most patients begin seeing results after 8 weeks, with maximum results visible at 12 weeks


✔ Additional treatments may be required to achieve the personalized results you desire

This is a supercharged treatment which can be used at the start, the end, or at both ends of a sculpting journey.


We recommend that truSculpt® is always used in conjunction with a well formulated and executed health and wellness regime, overseen by a team of health professionals to ensure optimal results.

truSculpt Before and After | Tummy Fat Reduction

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